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  • I was going to buy a manual tamper unless its much better to hire a plate compactor?

    I’d get a whacker for that area. You’ll only be talking £40-50 quid to get one delivered a collected again.

    To get your (slight) slope right, I would make sure your sub-base slopes before you get your slabs down.

    You can fly a string line across the plot and use a line level to get it horizontal. Then try to measure a consistent fall across the base.

    Or get yourself something like a gradient level. This looks like a lot of laser fun for under £20.­er-level/p74241

    Lovely staffy by the way.

  • Thanks! yes looking at a million YT videos it looks like get the fall on the sub base right, then just start with the top slap and make sure the rest follow your line.

    Thanks, from a lockdown impulse purchase of a DNA test apparently she's mainly Am Staff/Mastiff and 100% lazy.


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