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  • Sounds good, what is the first step now?

    1. find somewhere to live for the next couple of months.
    2. sell more of my possessions
    3. start heading towards Aylesbury to come out of water for 9 days in July
    4. strip out what’s left of the interior
    5. wire brush all the rust from the bilges, rust treat, repaint
    6. new sub floor and line out (excluding ceiling)
    7. arrive at Aylesbury
    8. Pressure wash + strip hull back to the steel
    9. Welder fills a few pits, infills all current flue fittings, waste outlets etc. + makes new gas locker.
    10. Black the hull with 2-pack epoxy
    11. Install some kind of electrical setup + instant water heater
    12. move on to boat and work out the rest from there

    11/12 might have to be swapped around depending on my living situation. which will be interesting...


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