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  • Patio/paving questions:

    Planning on getting everything that is there up and paving the section at about 3.6m to 4.6m.

    Type 1 sub base compacted down (I was going to buy a manual tamper unless its much better to hire a plate compactor?)

    I was going to use premix slab base given the enclosed nature I'm not sure how I'd be able to lay it and then lay the slabs without walking all over it (see here

    ) so I'm leaning towards this

    method .

    Anyone have any pearls of wisdom on this or gotcahs to watch for?

    My current headache is working out how to implement the fall needed for drainage. I know the fall amount, do I make sure the sub-base of type 1 is level with the fall, or when the digging is done do I need to get the fall right there, and then ensure the sub base and slabs follow it? Any resources to help on that part would be massively appreciated!

  • Hand tamping is damn hard work so get a 'whacker' unless you really can't or fancy a killer tricep workout spread over several days. I did it on a 5m² path and the results were less than ideal, though that might have been down to me getting sloppy at the end of the job.

    Check out paving expert website if you haven't already, there's so much good info on there. I believe making the fall with the sub-base is ok.

  • Thanks for your replies! Check out some hire and I'm going to save my upper body and hire a whacker plate.

    @Silly_Savage those calculators are dead useful, trying to work out my sand/cement amounts and it's still not quite clicking.