• Added a new bike to the stable, a Kona Unit.

    I’d been thinking I’d build myself a proper (ie modern wheel size, disc mounts, big headtube, generous tyre clearance) mtb frame and I even have a tubeset tucked away for it but with another frameset build paid for and my wife wanting one after that it was going to be the wrong side of summer probably before I’d get round to it so when I see this on eBay at a decent price I just went for it.

    It’s already gotten some bars of my making (that I’ve realised I was meant to sell to @MCamb, sorry! I think with the delay in getting tubing for your stems I forgot all about these and only remembered when I was digging through my handlebars pile to see what I could put on this. If I decide I don’t like them on here then you have first refusal?) and I reckon I’ll build a replacement fork at some point (segmented or twin plate crown, bmx dropouts) and then eventually replace the frame too.

    Might also try gears on it but will have to hide the tattoos if I do that!

  • I'm looking forward to seeing how you will eventually modify this - and the inevitable paintjob upgrade. It looks like a lot of fun!

  • and the inevitable paintjob upgrade.

    Tempted to leave it be in the interests of resale value when I do eventually replace the frame but I've already noticed that all the bottle bosses are doubles and at least some of them would be better as triples.

    There's also front gear cable routing! I mean, what is this, the '90s?!