• On what rims? Are they true? Where are your measurements?

    So your wheels (presumably) weren't dished correctly, and your tyre was significantly oversized. Do I get a prize?

    What did they even sort? If they re-clearanced the frame (I would guess involving at the very least touching up the paint) to take your non-spec tyres, for free, that's remarkably generous after the way you've handled this.

    Nice to see all the apologies from everyone for the pile-on though.

    Oh, wait.

  • I think we have responsibility as an industry here, as at the moment it is just a wild west of numbers that should work together and dont. We should have more info on the website (and will do soon) explaining this, i dont think that sam did anything wrong at all, if anything this hss been a really useful demonstration of issues you can encounter with the collection of parts.


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