• On what rims? Are they true? Where are your measurements?

    So your wheels (presumably) weren't dished correctly, and your tyre was significantly oversized. Do I get a prize?

    What did they even sort? If they re-clearanced the frame (I would guess involving at the very least touching up the paint) to take your non-spec tyres, for free, that's remarkably generous after the way you've handled this.

    Nice to see all the apologies from everyone for the pile-on though.

    Oh, wait.

  • I commended them on fast response and for having developed qc processes.

  • They dimpled the frame in the correct place and with more pronounced dimples. There is no way that the original frame would have taken 42c (true to size) plus guards.

    Anyway, it's sorted now and we're appreciative of their help. I'm not quite sure what your angle is and why you are being so confrontational about it. I fail to see how I handled it inappropriately, If anything I think the above is really good for Isen. It shows how they've developed new processes and how quickly and seriously they sorted the issue. This should give people confidence that by buying from a small business you will be looked after.

  • I think we have responsibility as an industry here, as at the moment it is just a wild west of numbers that should work together and dont. We should have more info on the website (and will do soon) explaining this, i dont think that sam did anything wrong at all, if anything this hss been a really useful demonstration of issues you can encounter with the collection of parts.


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