• I was in the same position but these never came up in any searches. Someone else on here linked me to them actually - can’t remember who. They’re not the prettiest of forks, but I couldn’t find any other 1” disc forks anywhere other than the barnacle.

    I’ve not actually put them on a bike yet - got a frame inbound that they’ll go on. The axle to crown is about 400mm if that helps. If I remember, I’ll pop a wheel in them tomorrow and get a photo.

  • yeah i've been searching eBay and google for so long and nothing appropriate came up. They cant be worse than the forks i've got on at the moment and they're going to clean up my threadless to threaded adapter disaster of a cockpit. Thanks a lot, my current ones will only fit a 25, so even a 28 would be much better.


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