• Just thought I would post some photos from last week of clearances with various wheels for those interested. We managed to get some reasonable clearance with the oversized WTB, and oodles with the gravel king.

    We also fitted a set of wheels with a true to size compass (rene hearse) knobbly, which as you would expect had more than expected from spec. clearance.

    Main take home from this I think is that there is very little room to play with on modern high volume gravel/road bikes around the BB, and a number of small variances in parts can combine to create far bigger issues.

    Thanks again to the owner and @Saffronspokes for letting us work it out with them, and personally glad we could sort it out without any drama. Will also post when new website goes live with the info page relating to this very topic, as it is something we are going to all be working with for the foreseeable future!