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  • Awaiting the full report but overall pretty pleased. Surveyor was great - let me sit around to watch and talked through what he was doing and why at each stage, and the pros/cons of options for remedial work.

    I no longer have a gas locker as the drains were too low and water had been entering/exiting causing corrosion. Welded them up and will get some new ones fabricated on the stern.

    Someone has helpfully blacked over some surface rust so that needs addressing in the next couple of months. Need to strip off all the layer old the old stuff at which point will probably redo with 2-pack epoxy rather than bitumen.

    Most importantly the hull has retained most of its thickness over the years and no plating is needed. 5mm sheet is still 5 or 4.9 in most places. A few areas down to 4.7-8 and one v.small area of 4.2. There is some light 1mm pitting from microbial corrosion that can be addressed when doing the blacking.

    Engine is decent, could do with a bit of a cleaning up + service further down the line but only one small thing that is a ‘sooner rather than later’ job.


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