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  • Out of curiosity does inserting a pause between uploading the video and updating the status make the problem go away. Maybe 5 seconds?

    Also, can you verify that the upload_video step is always successful? It could be failing silently and causing the following step to throw the "Bad Request" error.

  • I'll see if I can add a pause... assuming the code is relatively straightforward?

    verify that the upload_video step is always successful

    I'm not sure how I'd do this? The fact it tweets is usually the verification all went ok. Does twitter return "answers" to each step i could somehow ask the code to delve into?

    E.g. if video upload = success, go tweet, else stop, hammer time?

  • For a pause, put

    import time

    near the top, then insert

    time.sleep(5.5)    # Pause 5.5 seconds

    between the upload_video and update_status lines. It'll probably achieve nothing, but it's something I'd try out of curiosity.

    For verifying that the upload_video step is successful:

    response = api.upload_video(media=video, media_type='video/mp4')
    api.update_status(status=tweetStr, media_ids=[response['media_id']])

    On line one, you're uploading your file to Twitter, and the response (including a unique identifier for the media file you just uploaded) is stashed in the response variable. You need that ID because when you then send your tweet with update_status, you need to attach the file to your tweet, and you do that by passing the ID of the media file along with your tweet: media_ids=[response['media_id']]

    To verify the media upload worked, I'd probably start by just printing out response['media_id'] and seeing if it looks sane. E.g.

    video = open('5into15.mp4', 'rb')
    response = api.upload_video(media=video, media_type='video/mp4')
    print('media_id', response['media_id'])
    api.update_status(status=tweetStr, media_ids=[response['media_id']])

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