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  • I haven’t been able to go to the pub yet, but the Stella Artois campaign caught my eye.

    Id since been thinking to myself, ‘I do kind of want a pint of Stella for old time’s sake’. So as a stop-gap, I picked up a couple of bottles along with some other stuff.

    Imagine my surprise when, after having finished the first and wondering why it tasted so weak, I turned the bottle over to see it’s now 4.6%.

    I remember back around 2000 when there was far less choice - often just between Stella and 1664 and Fosters and Carling, before Stella ‘Black’ and Becks Vier came along.

    Pretty sure it was 5.2% then - can or draught. Vaguely remember there being a bit of a kerfuffle about it dropping to 5% long after it was a frequent drink of choice, but now it’s just lost any kind of character, for good or bad.­fury-stella-artois-reduces-alcohol-perce­ntage-lagers/

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