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  • Great, on hold to W&WU now. I assume you were moving the meter because you wanted it located somewhere else? I'll not be moving mine further than a few inches further back in to the box it occupies currently hopefully.

    Unfortunately that probably means I'll have to coordinate the water engineer, W&WU and a gas engineer for my side of the meter.

  • Well first water fitter visited and seemed quite unwilling to fleece me. Getting another round for 2nd opinions this afternoon but it looks like I'll be having a little exploratory dig at the weekend to see if I can easily find the T junction. As something's obviously been done post-the floor being installed. Seems odd given the timeline of owners in my head but they may have connected up the old supply to new prior to converting the downstairs bathroom into a kitchen and making it a dead end.

    Edit: and another theory thrown in to the mix, that the pipe is looping back from the back of the house. Indeed there is a pipe disappearing in to the slab behind the washing machine, no idea whether it's flowing in our out as yet, will get my detective hat on tonight.

  • Christ you weren't wrong £700 to move the gas pipe 2" to the left. I think it can stay where it is.


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