• Hello all...

    Seeking some advice here as I look to get a digital system after years of shooting only on film...

    Here are the credentials for what I need...

    • small and compact
    • interchangeable lenses
    • Weather sealing if I can get it
    • Don’t need crazy resolutions as I can’t see myself ever printing large from these files
    • Hotshoe
    • No need for video

    Part of me wants full frame but perhaps that’s just me being a Luddite and wanting to replicate my film cameras too much... I’m sure some of the smaller sensors are brilliant now.

    I’m pretty much sold on the Fuji XE-4 as I hear great things about the lenses. Just a shame it’s not weather sealed.

    I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with a Fuji set up or if anyone had any other suggestions?

    Many thanks

  • For that criteria is definitely worth considering the Sony a6xxx range. Pick the model depending on budget etc, but you’re probably steering towards the a6400.

  • Most of the compact system cameras are excellent these days.

    If you want weather sealed, worth going for the system with compact water resistant lenses too (or have a lens or two that are that gets used for bad weather)

    I’d also make sure to go for image stabilisation, I can’t be living without it!