• Same sentiment here. I find it is more of an all season road-bike with generous road clearances rather than gravel bike. The Columbus Futura Gravel fork is not that generous with clearances either and in my opinion not really a gravel fork.

    Only issue with my gen1 is that the dropouts are a couple mm narrower than 135mm so a pain getting rear wheel in and out.

  • Yes, agreed - in fairness to Matt.
    My first gen Isen has had some annoyances but in general it rides wonderfully. I’ve racked up 10,000k on it!

    As a road cruising machine with 28mm rubber it is smooth and fast. With guards, I ride it all winter on the road.

    I find it just fine for my gravel riding (Danish forests, mostly hard pack fire road type surfaces) with 33s.

    My chain stay clearance is such that it will just take a Challenge Grifo 33, but can’t accommodate a Challenge Chicane 33.

    Here it is this evening in gravel mode.

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