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  • Still glad that terrible plan for Tempelhof got buried, but right now other parties are trying to resurrect the corpse.
    Don't get me wrong, we might have to build on there one day, and this could probably be done in a nice way, but surrounding the whole thing with houses is not a plan.

    As for Tegel, its quite different to Thof as its almost outside of city limits?
    Looks like housing on that triangle to the right, and university/office around and inside the terminal. Hope the city proves that they can build a good neighbourhood, not many convincing examples around. @Rodolfo that the part you worked on?

    Also as usual not easy to find useful information about whats going on. Some more or less nice pictures from the development agency. And all the complicated stuff from the city.

  • ...let's agree to disagree..;)
    You were also against the (kickass!) library at the end of the runway?

    Worked on the master plan, again, one of many failed competition entries.
    The tegel-airport plan was already done. The decision to keep the building is from an architectural heritage standpoint correct, although the startup hipness is starting to bore me by now.

  • Did you have to work to a preconceived Bebauungsplan?

    I really wish they didn't do 'competitions' for this sort of thing, just break it all up into extremely small footprints and sell them individually, with a strict prohibition against combining them. Then you might get a piece of city, even if it took 20 years.

  • I am not completely against any building activity on Tempelhof.
    Its huge, it can probably keep its many functions and great appeal with a few hundred apartments on it.
    But the lets drop one row of buildings around the whole thing did not convince me.
    And the library, big no thanks. Made no sense in this spot, Amerika Gedenkbibliothek is less than 3km away.
    Always keep in mind that I am just an interested person, and by no means a professional though.


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