• Well I realise that I'm tempting fate here but my architect and I managed to finally get through to the planning officer last week.

    He likes the scheme.

    He sees no reason for it not to go ahead.

    The decision will be made by him not the planning committee.

    Non of our neighbours are objecting.

    He was wondering seeing as he was supposed to make the decision ~ 4 months ago if we could possibly agree to extend that deadline until now + 2 weeks thankyouplease.

    It looks like all systems are go giving us a decent amount of time to get building regs approval and find a supplier for the gluelam frame SIPS and other structural elements. I was hoping to start this summer but have been told, in no uncertain terms, by Mrs Bobbo that that would be too soon as we want to preserve most of the front garden as much as possible so next spring it is. On the plus side hopefully the cost of ply etc will have come down by then.


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