• Bit more clearing on the stone wall art the side of my garden and it seems in much else state than I hoped. Every course is just as loose as the last, literally lifting stones of with my hands, totally loose, most of the mortar is shot. At a bit of a loss what to do, especially as the gardens on the other side are built up 1-1.5' from where mine will end up. Can't afford to get a pro in right now so I can only see my options as:

    Pull it down and build a concrete retaining wall/ foundation up to the level of the other gardens and attempt to rebuild it up from there.

    Or pull it down and replace with gravel boards/ fence, not sure if that would be feasible given the height differences

    Or put a fence in front of the remaining wall and try and forget about it.

    Edit: think I'm gonna recent to plan A: repoint and rebuild as best as possible without removing too much and hope it doesn't fall over.

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