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  • It wouldn't be pretty, but I'd be tempted to repair it with carbon. Take the paint off around the seat tube/top tube junction, file the welds smooth, and then lay up plenty of UD carbon tape and epoxy, using vinyl tape with pinpricks in it as a compression layer. I think I'd try to get the tape going over the top tube, round the seat tube, then under the top tube in a sort of figure of 8 shape. Then sand the carbon smooth.

    It's a bit of a bodge, and I'm sure the purists will be choking on their Richard Sachs branded mocchachino, but it'd work.

  • Don’t you have to have a layer of something separating carbon and aluminium so you don’t get some sort of chemical corrosion?

  • Ideally, yes. If you were doing it 'properly' you put down a layer of glass fibre tape down first. But that's really only where the bond is structural, say with alloy lugs and carbon tubes. This would be more of a carbon sarcophagus to hold the alloy bits in place.

    I suppose you could always just leave the paint on and make it structural!


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