• I'm going to hopefully be putting up a fence at the end of our garden this weekend (assuming I can clear the area). I have 4 x 8', 4"x4" rounded top, pressure treated posts and 3x 6'x6' trellis topped panels to go between them. My plan is as follows, let me know if I am missing something;

    Clear and level area
    Treat bottom 3' of posts (but what with? is it even necessary if they are pressure treated?)
    Dig first post hole as close to neighbours last fence post as possible (one neighbour has 6' high fence, planning to start from there and then overlap the other neighbour's 3' fence if necessary - I've check and this is OK).
    Dig hole 2' deep (google tells me a post sticking up out of the ground 6' should be buried 2')
    Stand the first post and use Postcrete to anchor (following instrucitons, and advice from a mate - that should be fill the hole around the post around 2/3 with water, dump in postcrete, secure post plum with scrapwood).
    Measure off first post 6'2" to centre the next hole.
    Rinse and repeat.

  • If you can find a local stockist I would look into trying to get hold of some postsavers, should reduce the speed that your posts rot out.

    A few of the local timber merchants round here stock them.

  • Or concrete spur, bit more industrial and possibly unsightly, but makes replacement a doddle.

    -edit- just reread, rounded posts, crack on with the post savers!

  • They're tanilised and nice and dry so I picked up some wood preserver today that I'll treat them with first. Will also be putting some hardcore at the bottom of the holes to try and keep them off the wet soil, a bit. They will be close to a concrete culvert which is 10ft below the garden level so hoping that drainage should be good.


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