• Hello forum framebuilders! I come in need of your help. Would anyone (in London) be prepared to have a stab at TIG welding over this crack in my chainstay? It's a Sirius 653 frame with 0.6mm chainstays.

    I spent aaaaaaages carefully removing the seized BB from the frame but then found this crack while prepping to repaint! Before removing paint it looked like a thin line of surface rust in the paint - from where the rear tyre rubbed the paint away - so I'm hoping the steel on either side is still near 0.6mm thick.

    I can do any prep work, bring the frame to you and offer beer / cash bribes / parts / whatever. My plan B would be a replacement 631 chainstay from Winston Vaz (£100), but it would be nice to keep the 653 (i.e. 753) chainstays and of course nice to save the £££.

    @Dogtemple gave me some useful info and suggested I try asking fabrication forms or posting on a welding forum but I thought I'd ask here in case anyone felt confident.

  • Im happy to do it in exchange for hipster beer, but there's no nice way to do it and no guarantee that it will stay together, itll be super dirty on the backside and with no way to clean it, the weld will draw all the crap into the bead, which is not good. I would go straight to Winston, chances are you will have to anyway. I dont do lugs so cant replace the stay


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