• I'm struggling to get my head round a seatpost I've just bought on here, any help would be great.

    Option 1 (as in photo): Will work technically, markings wrong, hole unsafe?
    The only way I can get this seatpost to work is with the post height markings to the front (right in the photo) so that the angle of the saddle clamp cradle is down to the front allowing the saddle to be horizontal when the post is tilted back inside the bike. To hold the bolts, the cradle has 1 hole (now to the rear) and 1 open collar (to the front).

    Option 2 (reversed): Won't work technically (unless I'm doing something really stupid), markings correct, hole safer?
    Now reversed, with the seatpost height markings to the back (as they should be?), inclines the cradle the wrong way and the clamp bottoms out on the front preventing the saddle from making it to horizontal. The hole rather than collar is now at the front which seems safer (not much evidence for this, so could make no difference).

    Any thoughts? Are the markings etc just painted the wrong way round? Is that open collar to the front ok?


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