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  • This isn't a surprising stat to me as a Labour member, but it may be to some.

    The loudest voices are not always the most representative.

  • Yet he's still less popular than Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.

    It's a dire situation he really needs to turn around. He won't win the manufactured "culture war" and shouldn't even try.

    He needs to do something though, perhaps on education where the Tories have been absolutely shambolic for the last two years and where the latest big idea is to take away phones because Williamson has decided based on absolutely nothing that behaviour is probably bad, and that creating a furore around phones might distract people from the exam shambles and his ideas about making teachers in a demoralised profession where 1/3 want to leave work longer hours with shorter holidays.

  • Lots of those who do not/ no longer support Starmer have left the party, so that question is giving a false conclusion.


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