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  • I should have said that I'd looked at Scan and they didn't really have what I wanted even in the custom section. It's a mini server so loads of drives in a small case.

  • The only issue I had with Scan was that they only had 1 person who was able to deal with custom builds that are not one of the configurations on their website, and that person was not the best in replying to requests etc. I waited patiently for about 3 weeks with multiple chase up calls/emails, but he never got back to me, so in the end, I gave up. Others wanted to help, but couldn't or something, I can't remember now,

    I had mine built with overclockers, they were a little sloppy in places but overall, my experience was positive. Their prices also go up and down a lot and when I found out between my placing an order and before I received the machine, the prices had dropped, they did refund me the difference upon request.

    Some of you might remember I had a dodgy motherboard and they initially refused to replace it as their tests said there was nothing wrong despite sending a video clearly showing the faults. In the end, I told them I will return the whole machine as it was still within 30 days and they then gave me a different motherboard.

    So it was an OK experience but it wasn't without issues... I think I paid something like £150 for their to build the machine.


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