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  • Does anyone know if the freehub in this ‘conversion’ kit is the same as the stand alone replacement/oe 11speed freehub body that’d be fitted to a Spline 12 x 142 wheel?

    I think the Spline wheels/hubs use the same freehub body across all the axle widths, just with different end caps but I dunno if there’s anything special about the ‘conversion’ freehub body.

    The replacement freehub is out of stock most places which is why I’m searching for options.

  • That should work for you.

    I think the conversion refers to going from 8/9/10 to 11sp.

    According the the blurb on the listing all dt swiss 3-pawl hubs are the same.

  • Yeah, that was kind of my reading of it but wondered if there was something about the width given that its designed to fit where a 9/10 speed had been.


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