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  • If anyone was in doubt as to how fucking cunty the Labour right are: Stephen Timms, ladies and gentlemen.

    The party would be better off without these people in it. Shame it’s this type that Starmer is trying to coddle.

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  • That's not down to the right/left argument though is it, it's his "Christian" views?

    It's hardly a new thing for him, didn't he vote against (or abstain from, I can't remember) the legalisation of same sex marriage vote?

  • It seems like an odd time to have posted this, just after Starmer has had to apologise and criticise their views.

    It's a shame because I like Stephen Timms - he's my local MP and I chatted with him when we got the same tube home once, and he's been very willing to help out by speaking to my Politics students etc, and by all accounts he's a good constituency MP - you certainly see him out and about a lot.

    He's not a bad person and he's definitely not a Tory-lite as he (and other Labour MPs) are being called a lot at the moment.

    But he's also chosen a very bad time to restate his support for an organisation that's just been criticised for homophobic views.


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