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  • In 2019 I booked a cottage for 12 for my stag do for may 2020, in april 2020 I moved my booking to July 2020.

    In June 2020 I moved my booking to May 2021.

    It was booked through, HomeAway has now been taken offline and absorbed into
    If I look at my booking on vrbo, its 'completed' and took place in May 2020, I however have my 'in-app chat' history in vrbo I had with the owner of the cottage about moving to May 2021, and him confirming that.

    I have no other 'proof' or any confirmation other than that 'in app' message.
    The owner hasn't responded to me for over a month with me asking for more information and updates, through multiple messages.

    It was paid for in full up front in 2019.
    What do I do next? Its quite alot of money (£1000+).


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