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  • In 2019 I booked a cottage for 12 for my stag do for may 2020, in april 2020 I moved my booking to July 2020.

    In June 2020 I moved my booking to May 2021.

    It was booked through, HomeAway has now been taken offline and absorbed into
    If I look at my booking on vrbo, its 'completed' and took place in May 2020, I however have my 'in-app chat' history in vrbo I had with the owner of the cottage about moving to May 2021, and him confirming that.

    I have no other 'proof' or any confirmation other than that 'in app' message.
    The owner hasn't responded to me for over a month with me asking for more information and updates, through multiple messages.

    It was paid for in full up front in 2019.
    What do I do next? Its quite alot of money (£1000+).

  • It was paid for in full up front in 2019.

    Credit card? If so have a chat with them.

  • If it’s all in the UK/EU you can use your bank as a last resort to get your money back. You paid for a service, it’s not been provided and the seller refuses to answer comms., so there’s scope for UK banks to investigate it as fraud. IME it’s very straightforward to do, the bank does nearly everything behind the scenes. I don’t know if there’s a time limit to request it or if it will apply to your circumstances, but a few online messages to recover £1000 seems worth it.


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