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  • Yes, P+S for haul out. Most expensive option but approx. 6 weeks extra wait for anywhere else. Will be epic watching it coming out by crane anyway.

    CC’ing is starting again from the 12th, with that counting as day 1 so should be a bit of movement happening soonish.

    Found a local surveyor who knows the sellers friend (and the boat) and has owned a couple of Les Allen’s in the past. Offered to do me a ‘full survey’ at reduced cost as there’s ‘not that much to survey’ + spend a bit of time going through the boat with me and answering any questions I have re: fitout/equipment etc.

    Thanks for the kind offer, will definitely take you up on that at some point ☺️

  • P&S did my blacking last year - they were very good. Unbelievably, they were the nearest place which could take a boat my size out of the water (9.5 x 70 ft), 2-3 days journey from Limehouse.


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