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  • LFGSS full monty?

    Yeah job applying process is the absolute worst, proper shitter. People underestimate the emotional labour involved. I struggle with various mental health stuff. And sometimes a job application can floor me.

  • Yep. Gotta be a Working Mans that woukd slip us £20 and all the Mild you can drink to wave our wangers about.

    The mental aspect you hit on is 100% correct. The dream you build up when an application goes in only to have your balls squeezed when its a standard rejection. I just pick myself up and try to move on....takes a day or 2 mind

  • Yeah absolutely floors you. So some, especially if you have a disability, it can ruin your week.

    A pet peeve of mine is when you put a lot of pain and energy into a good application, get along the process and much later find out the “competitive rate” is pisstake shit pay and the vague ad means a shit job.

    It’s why i loathe “competitive pay” jobs should be up front and transparent with everything or can fuck off. Now I don’t even apply to vague jobs or ones that don’t spell out pay clearly in the ad.


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