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  • I had a boat with one of those engines, I don’t know anything about engines but it looked very well built and did make a good noise. We didn’t have all the smart control panels though! The whole boat used to shake if you ever needed to use it to top the batteries up. Solar panels though and you won’t need to worry about that too much.

    Boat looks great. Good luck with the project!

    I so don’t miss the living in a part fitted out boat.
    Mattress is flipped up and of sight, used to sit on the bags of parquet floor and cook pasta on the camping stove, had to eat it in bed when there was a cold snap and I’d not yet installed stove.

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  • I am hoping for a good summer as don’t want to install the stove and decide I want it moving 20cm or something afterwards.

    Did you finish the boat?


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