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  • I haven't had this problem on any of my three pi 4s but did see that it's a known issue. Two of my three have been up on WiFi for 4 months without disconnects.

    Puzzling isn't it?

    Wasn't there a theory that either 4k video or Bluetooth was causing interference?

    Which distro are you using?

  • I'm using 32bit raspbian. I guess I latched onto the usb3 explanation, as that seemed to fit my own observations. I was fairly reliably able to repeat usb cable plugged in ==> fail , no cable ==> boots fine. So I'm pretty convinced it's an RF interference issue or something like that. I think I also disabled bluetooth service from systemd, but at least by itself that had no effect. I actually don't think wifi drops out once it's fine, but another part of the problem is that spotifyd sometimes hangs without fully terminating so it won't get restarted. In which case just repowering the pi would be the simplest option if I could expect it to work.

  • Out of curiosity, what happens if you use wpa_suplicant to configure WiFi rather than use the set up wizard? Might be worth a try if you have the stomach for a clean install.


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