• A few months back I grabbed this from @Hamishio

    It’s going to be a slow project but so far the helpful guys at Punk Bikes Cardiff help get the seatpost out and ended up having to cut the stem out as it had welded solid steel stem/steel expander/steel steerer.

    I’ve managed to get a full silver Campagnolo Athena 11sp groupset up for a ridiculously good price on eBay; sadly it came with a 175mm 53/39 power torque chainset but then low and behold @Bainbridge came to the rescue with a much needed matching Athena 172.5mm 50/34 ultra torque.

    I’m currently in fork deliberation. The TIME pair that came with it were cut too short when the stem was removed.
    I picked up some LOOK forks off here but it looks as if the carbon steerer has at some what a stem overtightened so don’t think I’m going to risk it.
    So I’m now trying to decide whether to go threaded or unthreaded and straight blade steel or Columbus Minimal?

    In time the frame with have a small dent in the top tube filled and painted (probably burgundy metallic and white decals).


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