• I've stripped the threads of the rear hub on my Cross check from overzealous resistance braking / underzealous lockring tightening, so am going to have a get new one. Which is really annoying. The current one, which I think came stock with the bike (I acquired it secondhand) is 135mm - their 'ultra new mountain' fixed/free I guess. A short while ago, I swapped the stock crankset for a Sram S300, which has a narrower (GXP) BB, and though it's worked fine, I never could resolve the chainline, which even with a BB spacer was apparently (maths-wise, not eyes-wise) quite a way out.

    Buying the 130mm ('road') fixed/free hub instead should bring my chainline back towards something approaching normal/good. I know the Cross check is spaced at 132.5 to accept either 130 or 135mm hubs - so my question is... is there any reason why it would've been specced with the 135 as stock to begin with, or will the road hub be just as good? The only thing I could think of was that perhaps it's better to spread the frame a little from 132.5 -> 135 than to have to close it up - when riding fixed at least, as it might help to keep the axle firmly in place?

    The second question is: if I get a new hub, I'm going to get a new rim to replace the bombproof but super heavy touring rim I'm using at present. Thinking of H+Son Archetype, but want to carry on using my 40mm tyres if possible. I've seen arguments for and against going that wide with those rims - does anyone have any thoughts?

    thanks for all and any insights!

  • I’m sure there was a bit of discussion not that long ago about whether the hub body actually differed between the 130 and 135mm Surly hubs or if it was just the end caps and axle that were different (meaning either size would have the same chainline).

    Rather unhelpfully I can’t remember the ultimate outcome of the discussion.


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