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  • So, in the past couple of years I've gone from having zero Kleins to four of them - Quantum, Rascal, Quantum Race and now a Quantum Pro.

    The Pro is causing various headaches. Firstly, the 1 1/16 steerer is a PITA, but that seems to have been resolved with a 27.2/28.6 seatpost shim (thanks to a helpful post by somebody on another forum).

    The next (and slightly more complex) issue is that the headset bearings need changing. I've managed to find replacements from, but removal/fitting seems to require special tools. I have found a couple of kits on ebay, but they seem to have fewer components (mainly the long tubes) than in the technical manual I have found, which is confusing. Am I missing something, or are the kits? Has anybody improvised and changed the headset with homemade tools? I would usually look to do things this way, but don't want to risk damaging a near mint condition frame!