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  • First you spout twaddle that it won't be threaded. Corrected on that you start assuming it won't be chased. Which one of your ten posts on this thread has had any basis in reality?

  • I never said it wouldn't be threaded. The term cut is what you use to discuss chasing a thread. You use a cutting tool to do this. This is normal new frame prep, as is facing the BB shell to ensure alignment, remove paint etc. Again a specific tool is required with a T47 BB.

    The cutting and facing tools in this instance are very rare for the reasons I have said. Just trying to share knowledge.

    I also answered the OPs question with 2 separate sources for the BB tool they require, if indeed the frame is ready to have a BB installed.

    You on the other hand have done nothing but be aggro? Are you having a bad day?


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