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  • yeah man, totally agree on the current situation!
    @Oliver Schick the hinterland has some nice lakes to offer, e.g. Gorinsee, Liebnitzsee etc. and you`re so far away from the inner city that it is okay to ride brakeless there.

  • Hey, Im totally up for a safe ride at some point, more on the day trip front than a camp out as i have no equipment for that.

    Happy to explore around the city or outside if there is an idea of route - i have not headed north yet to be honest

  • nice to hear. I grew up in Pankow, so the northern parts are exactly my thing - we did an annual day tour from Karow to Liebnitzsee and back before all this covid, it were 40km-ish. I'd love to do another one of those trips.


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