• So, any suggestions for over ear headphones bluetooth with mic for gaming/work ? and ideally ~100 quid ?

    This is for my brother, and I know the UK has a different range than the US so I'm kinda lost. I do not use bluetooth for gaming at all (nor integrated mic!).

  • I have the Steelseries Arctis 1. Got them from Amazon Warehouse for about £70 which was a bargain. There are some on there at the moment for £66 with cosmetic damage which is normally pretty minor.

    I find the USB transmitter way better than bluetooth. No annoying bluetooth issues and if you wander out of range the USB receiver stays connected so you don't have any issues with having to repair or all the sound suddenly coming out of your speakers.

    The transmitter is USB C so can plug direct into my Android phone for that as well. Not quite sure about console compatibility, I think think the Xbox may be a bit picky.


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