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  • New bike or just one we haven't seen berfore (or recently)?

    Good spot! A new, but secondhand, bike.

    I read this article last year, and again this year:Ā­g-during-lockdown/ and was very taken with the Surly Steamroller, and the idea that I could do off-road detours while riding around town appealed to me a lot.

    Good luck getting a new Steamroller anytime soon, plus I love the mustardy yellow colour from around 2018 (I think), so I pounced when I saw this baby going 2nd hand.

    I love it. With fatter tyres and the steel frame, it's a smoother ride than (say) my Condor Lavoro. Plus I can off-road it whenever I want - e.g. the track that runs between Preston Park station and Withdean Stadium; also the woodland areas at the bottom of Coldean Lane.

    Plus I've taken it up the Downs Link, Cuckoo Trail, Pevensey Levels and more. It's got a bit muddy, but that's ok.

    Good old red-hubs Condor is on long-term loan to my friend Paul of Rule 5 Bikes so if you see that bombing around town, it ain't me!


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