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  • Not sure where else to post this. Jack Ryan was knocked down and killed while out for a run in January. There is a fund and dedication to him this weekend -­ser-display/showROSomeoneSpecialPage?pag­eUrl=MoveforJack

    We want as many people as possible to dust off their shoes, trainers, wheels and get out and walk, skip, run, spin, zumba, cycle or any other activity of choice on the 20 and/or 21 March and help us collectively ‘Move’ 1000k over the weekend.

    You might want to set yourself a challenge of how far you can move, whether it’s 1k or 10k, every kilometre counts. Or perhaps you want to see how quickly you can complete a distance. Whatever you choose, do it for Jack.

    UPDATE: Liz, Jack’s family and friends and 50+ colleagues in the UK and Canada are signed up to ‘Move for Jack’ and the number is growing daily.

    We reached £10k on Jack's 30th Birthday - thank you all so much for your donation.


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