• been looking at some new hoops for my summer bike - have to be alloy and rim brake. candidates are:

    • hunt aero race (proven pedigree but long lead time, 1479g £380);
    • prime attaquer (hunt-adjacent so probably good but kinda fugly, 1425g £330);
    • scribe race (same pros and cons as the prime's as far as I can tell, 1445g £360); or,
    • DT swiss PR 1400 dicut 21s (look v.good and you get DT swiss hubs, but they're spendy and the oxic coating may have questionable life, 1417g £730).
    • some handbuilts... ? need someone to spec something for me...

    someone please make my decision for me

  • Parcours Paniagua would be my shout if you want prebuilt, wider than Hunt, Prime and better spokes (Sapim CX), similar level hubs.

    As others have said Just riding along also Lark Light look good as well.

    Custom / handbuilt at a noticeably 'better' spec (HED) than the above will be serious £££


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