• We have been running engine simulations recently - something we've done quite a lot of over the course of this project as we can't afford to make 10 intakes, 10 exhausts, then run every combination on the engine Dyno to see what works best.

    This one is the final sim that we've used to specify exhaust manifold primary lengths and internal diameter, these are now being made by a very pleasant chap in Silverstone.

    Also, because if you looked up "feature creep" in the dictionary it would reference our engine project, we're making a complete exhaust now (this was never the original plan), we always intended on making a true equal length manifold, but given the (surprisingly large) diameter that we need for the primaries and what that then meant for where the flange had to be, we've had no choice but to do as a minimum manifold and cats, so we thought we may as well go the whole hog.


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