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  • This might be in the wrong section but it is touring folks advice I would like so here goes...

    I am building up a "bike for life" this year...think...all road, gravel, fast touring sorta thing.

    I am looking at carbon forks with the 3 mounting points, with good clearance, up to 50mm.

    This has brought me to the ENVE Adventure Fork.Ā­re-fork/

    Now my question is, with its flip chip adjustable off set (49mm/55.5mm), is this a great option for a "do it all" short gravel/trail blasts in the woods up to multi week/month touring expeditions (mostly on road)?

    Im just wondering if there is something I am missing that would make this fork a pig on the road (with 35mm slicks)?

    Hopefully this makes sense, cheers.


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