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  • As up-thread, I find myself somewhat a collector of jackets. That’s meant I’ve been happier with the Acerbis X-Air comp suit, and then whatever bike jacket on top. However, normally on green lanes while it’s cold I wear a Richa jacket with armour in place.

    Whatever kit you buy, I can more or less guarantee you’ll be buying different kit after a few months of riding, and realising what feels good/bad.

  • Urban Rider right now has a sample sale and there’s a RDS waxed cotton gilet. Things like these are nice under a leather jacket on a cold morning/night, as they block wind and allow that retro look if someone’s into that

  • I’d sooner wear a cycling gilet, if I can find where I put it!

  • The RSD stuff is pretty decent, I have a Ramone jacket and vest, which are both generally worn off the bike (though I leave the REVIT armour in the jacket as its not really noticeable)


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