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  • Storms forecast for the next week, been hitting as many green lanes as possible and gradually increasing my ability.

    Forcing myself into lots of rut riding to get a good technique, as well as learning to manage speed on undulating terrain. Ruts are a fact of life on the lanes around me, so I prefer to ride them as much as possible and build some kind of rapport. Interesting finding the right flow on loose, soft, hard gravels vs mud vs clay, depending on how steep it is.

    Had a pin it or bin it moment earlier. Well, a few of them but this was the best.

    I tried a little track I wasn’t sure if a BOAT or restricted. Incline along the ridge of Cherhill, lots of grassy whoops, and then a steep incline like a wall. I knew I needed to just accelerate up and worry about it at the top. If I went too slow or hesitated, it was too steep to stop halfway up.

    Carried some momentum and accelerated up to what I thought was the top.

    Well, the top turned out to be a really short tabletop followed by a crater! I found myself more or less catching air over the tabletop and dropping down the other side, wheel aiming at the nasty narrow rut on my left.

    If I slowed down or tried to steer hard, it would end badly.

    Leaned the bike a little and pinned it. Absolute winner. Managed to keep the front really light, and accelerate out of the crater before the front could drift into the rut.

    Didn’t even brown my pants.

    All the lanes after that were a piece of cake!

    (Possible to see the incline on the side of the photo, the fence posts disappear behind the rise)

  • @pdlouche Double it!

    Speaking of drive sprocket nuts - my el cheapo Harbor Freight 20v rattle gun blasts them off. Best garage purchase for years.

  • A better rider would have cleared it in a cinch. I didn’t even know what was on the other side!


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