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  • Yeah that's the one - i've only ever done it on the mtb which was fine if a bit squelchy in places, but think @Pmccee said it was a bit of a slog on a gravel bike. Just Under half of the dotted path up to the T junction has been resurfaced which is pretty good & will settle in nicely & the rest is basically an old landrover track - as with anything up there it's best left until it's dry.

    I'm in Lochwinnoch so if anyone's ever out that way give me a shout­5855

  • Will definitely drop you a line next time I'm back up - parents are in Paisley so only half an hour or so along the bike path.

    Been reminiscing whilst stuck inside with the rain - I'm super keen to do this route again or at least bits of it,

    The bit from Largs to Dalry was amazing, primo gravel.

  • Sounds good, I never realised there was an off - road option out of Largs across Fairlie Moor, I keep meaning to head over there for a wander about. Did the road version of that loop a fair bit last year either right round past Inverkip or over Brisbane Glen then back over Fairlie Moor.


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