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  • Starting to buy some bits with view to getting test.

    I have no idea what I'm doing, just been reading reviews so I'm posting up here in case anyone sees any issues or has any suggestions. I'm buying for local fairweather leisure riding at the moment till in get my skill level up.

    Shoei NXS lid
    Alpinestars SMX6 boots
    Alpinestars GP plus r v2 jacket
    Haven't decided on trousers, something that zips into the jacket.
    Haven't decided on what to wear underneath, Merino t shirt?

    I'm pretty set on a Ninja 400 now for my first bike pending a test ride.

  • Nxr is a great lid. I love mine. Vut go to a shop and try a bunch on. Hopefully a good shop that can help. It should feel snug but not pushing on your temples. You might want to try different brands


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