• Yesterday I got the wheels tensioned and trued by the guys at Rockstone workshop in Tottenham. I think I was 99% there with the truing but I'm glad I got them looked at for the peace of mind, plus it was good to check out my new lbs. I also finally got round to swapping out the stem for the silver muddy fox one. I wanted to get rid of the reflector bracket while I was at it but didn't have a wrench big enough for the locknut so that's next on the to do list.

    Lovely weather today made for a great afternoon of tinkering and cleaning in preparation for the new wheels:

    Mmmm, zen and the art of bicycle maintenance. Sun was shining, birds were tweeting, I was firmly in my happy place when the time came to fitting my new rear wheel. Then:

    Ah fuck. I was 100% certain that the spacing at the rear was 135mm - I even remember having a conversation with someone about the intricacies of hub spacing on old frames, and cold setting etc. Turns out I was 100% wrong and it's 130mm, and now my lovingly built rear wheel wasn't going to fit. After consulting Sheldon and some gentle reassurance from my bike mechanic brother, I decided it was worth trying to spread the rear dropouts and squeeze it in. Having just the one bike and needing this for commuting on next week meant I was pretty keen to make it work.

    So, the rear wheel is in. It was a struggle but after a very cautious test ride I'm fairly confident that I got away with it. I will be taking to a lbs for re-spacing as soon as possible.


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