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  • Or is it just that a 56 is a better fit for a 5'11 person.

    Without knowing more information about your "proportions" I'd say a 58cm will be a bit too big.
    I'm 6"1 and would ride a 56cm although that's sizing down so I think you'd probably be fine on a 56 too

  • I thought the 58 might be big.

    My current road bike, a Carrera (gift from a friend) is a large which by my measurements is 180 HT, 57 ish theoretical TT, 58 CT (roughtly 400 reach, 580 stack and seems to fit ok. but what do I know. All I know it I could manage a lower front.
    I think im fairly well proportioned with slightly shorter legs. Pic of me on rollers


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