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  • Hi all,

    I wasn't too sure where to go for help and I found this forum and signed up. Im sure I will now spend many an hour on here.

    I am fairly new to regular cycling (1 year) and completely new to fixed gear (about to buy my first), with the intention of hitting the track and getting in to a little racing.

    I am out to purchase a relatively cheap track bike to get me going and practice and have come across two viable options.

    Moda Fresco and Dolan pre cursa.

    The dolan is a 58 and the moda is a 56. Both will fit me at 5'11 (90kg, 36yrs) with the main difference being the stack/head tube height. the Dolan is 40mm higher, 140 vs 180). Does this matter much or am I over thinking it. I read a lower front is better (if you have the flexibility - which I think I do) and better to have a lower head height as it can be increased, where as a higher one cannot.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance. I'm going to have a nose around the forum in the mean time.


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