• Lovely weather, about a month or two too early which tends to sometimes cast a bit of a shadow over the fun of the day

  • Strange sign there--'cyclists please dismount--no measures to secure against falling'. I can't see where the great danger of falling is? Are they worried about that ditch?

    Is that in Germany or is it just a sign in German somewhere in BE/NL/LUX?

  • I had a good laugh about it too, almost an American sign... Of course we all know cyclists are prone to fall off their bikes all the time. Do Germans like to sue councils when they fall of 'bridges' without railings?

    And yes it really is in Germany, the top right bit is just over the NL/DE border very near Weeze airport. I spotted 6 of those signs (either side of the 3 ditch 'bridges', there also was one with railing, without sign.)

  • Are you telling me German trolls don't live under bridges?